Breakout Sessions:

Led by top social marketers, PR professionals and university thought leaders, attendees may choose up to two sessions. Sessions are designated as beginner, intermediate, or advanced to aid participant decision.

10% of all proceeds will benefit the nonprofit organization, Life’sWork.



Breakout Sessions
$100/person (per session)

First Block

(choose one)

Building an Effective Social Editorial Calendar

Level 1 (Beginner)

Social marketing. A term most communicators, marketers and social media pros know pretty well. However, in addition to having limited time, these experts tend to have one of two problems when it comes to the process. They either aren’t able to think of any content to post or they have so much material posted that it confuses and overwhelms their audience. Whatever category you or your brand falls into, a strong social editorial calendar is the first step to help you organize and stay ahead. This session will teach you the best practices for creating and managing a social media content calendar to grow engagement while maintaining your busy schedule.

Measuring and Adapting Social Strategy

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Is your social going nowhere? Change it. When monitoring your various social media platforms, it all comes down to four basic principles: identifying, listening, creating and connecting. We will go into detail on how to implement each of these four major components into your strategy so that you can build a successful framework that adapts to what the social data tells you your audience needs.

Social Paid Promotion for Lead Generation

Level 3 (Advanced)

Social media is not just something you do because everyone does it; it is today’s bread and butter of lead generation. Raising interest in your brand is no longer something that can be done with traditional methods, and just posting your content on your social media accounts does not guarantee engagement. In today’s media landscape it is critical to use paid social promotions the right way. This session will provide you with the tools you need to use social paid promotions for lead generation.

Second Block

(choose one)

Visuals That Lead to Engagement


We all know Bill Gates’ 1996 phrase “content is king,” and that ubiquitous phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but how can you leverage that? Content is even more crucial in today’s social media-oriented world, and visuals lead that social media content. Good content drives engagement, which is necessary in building brand recognition and brand loyalty. This session will teach you how to create meaningful, impactful visuals for social media, and how they come together on your feed to please the aesthetics of your current and future followers.

The Social Crisis: Lean on Social


The Tylenol poisoning deaths in 1982 proved to be an important public relations case study providing effective steps for crisis management, but today there is another tool we can’t forget about: social media. The truth is, a piece of information can be shared and instantaneously reach millions of people across the globe. This can be a good thing, but in a PR crisis situation, it is something that you must know how to manage. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” is a cliche because it is true. Monitor, react, respond. This session will delve into these three components and teach you exactly what to do to manage a crisis on social media.

Social Media to Grab Reporters’ Attention


Reporters, editors and producers want to pitch in their morning meetings stories that have viral promise. And they do that by checking their own social media. So how can telling your story on social lead to earned-media placement? This session will teach you how to leverage your social media so that you are able to gain traditional media placement to grow both your online and offline following.