Ari Lightman



What could be more relevant these days than delivering executive training to today’s cyber leaders? Ari Lightman does that as co-director of Carnegie Mellon University’s CISO Institute, whose footprint he is helping to grow internationally.

And as a distinguished service professor in digital media and marketing at CMU’s Heinz College, his classes focus on assessing and measuring the impact of emerging technologies, including Digital Transformation and Measuring Social. Big names take those classes: eBay, The New York Times, Warner Bros., Ford, Netflix, Microsoft, EA, Starwood, HP, and Under Armour.  

Ari has developed web communities and digital media strategies for companies and organizations in health care, chemicals, the telecom industry, consumer packaged goods, and financial services.  He has worked with leading research universities to put together strategies and processes for building expert communities to accelerate technology commercialization.  

He’ll share some of his fascinating experience in new technology development and commercialization as a panel member for our exclusive Social Media Day Event. Space is limited so register now! Follow Ari on Facebook, Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Andi Perelman


More than any other team in the National Hockey League, the Pittsburgh Penguins interact with fans via social media. Much of the credit goes to Andi Perelman.

Andi is preparing to start her fifth season with the Penguins. The manager of New Media, she worked her way up from her start as a New Media Coordinator and now oversees the team’s social media accounts, website, and sections of the team app. How fun would that be, with their fifth Stanley Cup title now?

Andi has grown the Pen’ social accounts to more than 4.5 million followers collectively. During this regular season, they garnered over 3 million additional interactions on Facebook and Twitter than any other NHL team. The Penguins also had the highest interaction rate of all NHL teams on those two platforms.

How does she do it? As a panelist for our exclusive Social Media Day Event, Andi will explain the social management systems and analytics tools that help her assess the Penguins’ digital content and frame it to resonate with fans. Space is limited so register now!

Benjamin Weaver


Benjamin Weaver’s LinkedIn profile says he’s interested in the way urban design and technology can help people live better lives.

The program manager at Google in Pittsburgh, he has built a career from helping people and training them in technology. His specialities are Mac OS, iOS, cloud and web applications, traditional architecture, and New Urbanism. With a background in nonprofit work, Benjamin is well-suited to helping people understand and utilize technology. He was community programs and technology coordinator for Pittsburgh Cares, and an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer and hands-on tech.

A graduate of Notre Dame, he is and Apple Certified Macintosh Technician. Of course he’s an expert in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Apps and more - and we think his heartfelt  community service is destined to have a lasting impact on society at large.

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Salena Zito



Salena Zito’s early buy-in to social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram paid off for her news reporting and personal branding as a political writer that others now write about.

Salena was a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist and political reporter for 11 years before taking a buyout in mid-September 2016, just before her interview with Donald Trump. Undeterred, she sold the story to The Atlantic and soon was recruited as a staff writer for the Washington Times and the New York Post, and a contributor on CNN.

She has made a name for herself nationally as a narrative writer with insights into American politics, history and the lives of working-class Americans.She’s even writing a book about people living in America’s heartland, many of whom eagerly told her their stories when she crisscrossed the country many times to cover national elections.

How did it all start? By engaging with her fans, Salena amassed 37,000 followers on Twitter, 2,482 friends on Facebook, where she posts photos of her American Flag cowboy boots to announce her upcoming CNN segments. She’s eager to share her knowledge as a panelist for our exclusive Social Media Day Event. Space is limited so register now!

John Mahood


To say that John Mahood has an entrepreneurial spirit is an understatement: He has unmatched intensity for what he does.

The founding CEO of Imagebox, John started the web design, branding and marketing agency as a freelance business from his home office in 1996. Within ten years he built a full-time team and purchased a building on Penn Avenue in Garfield. John has worked with hundreds of companies to gain a wealth of experience and build a unique skillset for a variety of hands-on work. The Imagebox portfolio speaks for itself.

What does he do differently? He’s a whiz at helping nonprofits grow their reach through digital storytelling. As his YouTube video says, “It’s not the size of your company or budget that matters; it’s the story that your organization tells and the impact it has on the community.”

John will be a panel member for our exclusive Social Media Day Event. Learn from this industry leader how design, branding, marketing and social media can make a real difference for your organization. Space is limited so register now! Be sure to follow Imagebox on Twitter and read John’s blog for regular insights.

Breakout Session Leaders:

Felicia McKinney


How did Felicia McKinney increase her social following by more than 50%?

One of the most difficult aspects of social media is growing your presence organically and reaching a larger audience. Enter Felicia McKinney.

As social media manager at Point Park University, Felicia excels in content creation. She has  increased Point Park’s Snapchat story views by 84%, Instagram followers by 51%, and Twitter followers by 25%. She won a Gold Education Digital Marketing Award for Point Park’s Instagram account in 2016, and constantly evaluates the impact of social media on the student experience.

Felicia will spell out her solutions to low follower engagement, a silent audience, and lack of share-worthy content as a breakout session leader for our exclusive Social Media Day Event. Get insightful knowledge and tactics that you can apply to your business or brand! Space is limited so register now! Be sure to follow Felicia on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

Scott A. Rogerson


Want to spend less time searching for and more time acting on tailored content to spark informed conversations with your audience? That’s Scott Rogerson’s specialty as founding CEO of UpContent.

The company specializes in intelligent content discovery services so that you can avoid wasting millions of hours as a marketer finding interesting and relevant content to share and use to engage with others. Scott is the former CEO of Community Elf, the content marketing firm from which UpContent was created, and currently serves as its board chairman.

He doesn’t just engage online - he’s active in the Pittsburgh community by serving in various forms at his alma maters, Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School, and as president of the board of directors for the City of Pittsburgh’s Community Action Agency, Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc.

Scott will give you tips on how to cut the time you spend  discovering and curating content as a breakout session leader for our exclusive Social Media Day Event, Space is limited so register now! Interact with Scott on Facebook and Twitter, where his profile lists him as more than a CEO - a father of two, tech geek and Airedale servant.

Laura Kisailus


Madison Ave creative turned digital diplomat turned social disruptor. Laura is an award-winning creative strategist with 15 years combined experience in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. She has led transformations for changemakers locally, nationally, and internationally. Now at the helm of Darwin, a social impact consultancy founded in D.C., she and her team move society forward – serving causes, places, and education spaces. Rigor and insight unite to set the noblest missions in motion, evolve bleeding hearts, and ignite purpose with passion. 

Kisaulus and her team crafted ‘I am Solo’,  a campaign with U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) to introduce the world to migrant children from Central America began flooding America's southern border. Our message: these kids are alone and afraid and should be treated as refugees, not criminals. In one week's time, we flooded social media with infographics and 225 powerful images of children, each representing 10 children crossing the border. The campaign saw triple and quadruple growth in engagement across Facebook and Twitter. We reached over 1 million people: +1,700% retweets and +1,123% shares. Other measures were up: Likes (+303%), Comments (+591%), New Likes (+530%).

USCRI scored the biggest win – real policy change. The State Department announced the official launch of an in-country refugee program (one of USCRI's six solutions!) in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.